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New York City is a pretty special place. Nowhere else in the world seems so multifaceted, so dynamic, or so exciting. Home to around 8.5 million people of countless nationalities, New York is, quite possibly, the most culturally rich city in the world. No two locals have the same story, but each person has a tale worth telling. The spirit of their diverse customs is still so prominent, visible wherever you look; and their cuisines are showcased everywhere you turn. And believe me, whether you want pasta, sushi, salt beef or chivitos, the city has some amazing food.

In fact, the whole city is about variety. Each neighborhood is its own little planet; with different inhabitants, individual architectural styles, and completely unique vibes. The world of Uptown, with its quieter yet stately grandeur, couldn’t be more different from the gritty, exciting feel of the East Village. The boutique-lined streets of SoHo contrast completely to the finance-focus of Wall Street. And the vast, bustling metropolis of Midtown couldn’t be further from the peaceful, smaller buildings and cobbled streets of the West Village. It’s just such an exciting place, and sometimes there is nothing better than strolling along the Avenues and watching the world change in front you, quite literally.


When to go

It’s beautiful in the winter, with the ice-rinks and Christmas trees which decorate every romantic Holiday movie. Bundle up for horse and carriage rides across the park, and sip mulled wine when ice-skating at Rockefeller Center. But be warned; it is very, very cold.

Summer, on the other hand, is hot. Very, very hot. Whilst much of the city is equipped with AC, it is still sometimes too hot and humid for anyone’s liking. This, though, can be a good thing. It means the city is quieter and easier to explore, with fewer people bustling you about on the subway or in museums. Plus, you get to enjoy all of the perks of Central Park, and it’s an excellent time to head out of The City: to The Dutchess in Rhinebeck, for example. You can thank me later.

My favorite times to be in The City, however, are spring and fall. Spring is just beautiful when the trees start to blossom, and with the warmer weather comes all the opportunities of summer: Upstate, Central Park, enjoying the High Line. Fall, on the other hand, is simply stunning: New York becomes awash with reds, yellows and oranges. It is festive with Halloween and Thanksgiving, so everyone is in high spirits too. Plus, The City is best explored by foot, and spring and fall provide the perfect conditions for doing so.

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