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Ahh Paris. The city of love. Whilst it may be cliché to say that it one of the world’s most romantic places, its windy, cobbled streets, candlelit bistros and charmingly French accents ensure that it is filled with lashings of intimacy and joie de vivre.

Made up of twenty arrondissements, or neighborhoods, Paris has much to offer. The 1st arrondissement is the city’s centre, filled with exquisite hotels, charming restaurants and momentous attractions such as the Louvre. Adorned by Les Jardin Tuileries, it is decadent and grand: every corner is adorned by Marie Antoinette splendour.

And then you have the city’s left bank, which is perhaps more romantic in its poetic charm. Filled with young, vibrant hopefuls, the area is a unique combination of quaint and exciting. Saint Germain, in particular, pays homage to its most prominent residents of the past; vestiges of everyone from Hemingway to Picasso are the beating heart of the area. A home to the greatest talents of the 20th century, the neighborhood is a place of both history and inspiration.

Of course, no visit should miss Montmartres’ sweeping views or pilgrimages to Notre Dame and, if time allows, Versailles. But Paris is a city of walking, and there is nothing better to do than stroll along the Seine, taking in the city’s historical vistas and most famous moments, all tinged with the scent of French baguettes.


When to go

Paris is a joy in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Whilst the winter can be lovely, it is best to enjoy Paris by foot – so the warmer months have much more to offer. Saying that, though, we’ve been to Paris in the snow and trust us when we say there’s no where we’d rather snuggle up to our other halves.

Be careful, though. As with most places in Europe, stay clear of late June – August if you’re planning a cultural trip. You’ll never get in to the Louvre, let alone actually get to see the Mona Lisa (which, to be honest, is actually quite a let down), and will spend more time queuing than exploring. Definitely a no from us; head down to beautiful Bordeaux, Provence or Antibes instead.

Spring:  April – May: top temp 73 / average temp 51 to 59
Summer:  June – August: top temp 77 / average temp 61 to 67
Fall:  September – November: top temp 70 / average temp 45 to 61
Winter:  December – March: top temp 54 / average temp 41 to 47

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