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In the great “whether or not to make your bed in the morning” debate, people fall squarely into two camps: “I can’t start my day any other way,” or “I’m just going to sleep in it again tonight, so why bother?”

Making your bed every morning has been linked to so many benefits — increased productivity, a positive frame of mind, less stress, the list goes on. If you’ve been holding out on tidying up your morning routine, I get it, the struggle is real. But it’s time to get your shit together.

So that your bed-making can be that much more satisfying, I’m going to share exactly how housekeepers at some of our favorite 5-star hotels create that quintessential, perfectly tucked and fluffed bed. There is nothing better to fall into.

I caught up with the wonderful Roxana, a renowned and prized member of our hotel family, to talk about the most important thing in the hotel room — the bed.



So, there you have it. No more wrestling to stretch that 4th corner. What’s more, your linen closet will be super sexy without stacks of balled up, impossible-to-properly-fold, fitted sheets.

Here is a step-by-step guide for reference, followed by my favorite linens, so you can replicate that luxurious hotel feeling at home:

The Base

  1. Start with a naked bed and a flat sheet.  That’s right. Flat.  

  2. Position the hem of the sheet (the end that has a few inches stitched over) at the top of the bed, then pull it behind the mattress and tuck it in.

  3. Next, tuck the sheet under each side of the mattress.

  4. From the bottom, give the sheet a firm tug to flatten it out.  The great thing about using a flat bottom sheet is that it wrinkles less when folding and storing it.

  5. Tuck in the bottom of the sheet, folding over the corners to make tidy triangles.

Top Sheet

  1. Again, start by positioning the hemmed end at the top of the mattress (do not fold it over this time).

  2. Position the sheet so that it hangs off the bed equally on all sides, then tuck all around, following the same pattern as above. 


  1. Position the opening of the duvet where you would like it to end up (in our example, this is the head of the bed).  

  2. Bunch the duvet cover down to allow you to tuck the comforter into the corners and grasp firmly.

  3. Pull the duvet back up the length of the comforter until you’ve covered it entirely.  

  4. Straighten, pull, and give it a good shake to make sure it fills the entire duvet.  Position it evenly on the bed.


  1. Lay the pillowcase on the bed with the opening facing up.

  2. Fold the pillow in half like a taco and shove it into the case.

  3. Open up the pillow, tuck it into the corners, and pull it down.

Finishing Touches

  1. To ensure your pillows stand at attention, hold your forearms together and place them firmly in the center of the pillow. 

  2. Pull them apart towards the outer edges, flattening the pillow as you go. Grab the pillow by the corners and position it at the head of the bed.

  3. If the duvet is wrinkled, spray lightly with water or wrinkle spray and give it a firm tug to smooth it out for that perfectly polished hotel look.


Below are a few of my favorite linens that allow you to mix and match, or purchase, flat sheets separately. If you’re struggling to decide on a color, I strongly suggest going with white. Your bed will look light and airy, plus you can freshen them up with bleach down the road (or salvage them after a spill).

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