Gift Guide: The Adventurer

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that there are many types of adventurers.  So whether your friend is intentionally wandering the wilderness or unintentionally testing their survival skills when their car breaks down (again), our gift guide has them covered.

1.  Ultimate Zip Line Kit

Turn their backyard into a haven for adrenaline junkies with this easy-to-install zip line. No travel required.



2.  Drawn: The Art of Ascent

Even the biggest outdoor junkie could use the odd quiet night in. Make it even better with this beautiful adventure book. They’ll be living vicariously through its pages in no time.



3.  GoTenna Mesh

Lost? Spotted a bear? GoTenna Mesh basically turns phones into high tech walkie-talkies when there’s no cell or WiFi service, so everyone can stay connected. An absolute must for anyone who ventures off the grid.



4.  Luci Inflatable Solar Light

No batteries? No problem. Light up someone’s way with this super compact, lightweight, solar-powered lamp that will shine bright for a full 24 hours on a single charge.



5. Coleman Two-Burner Stove

For the camping enthusiast, or anyone who wants something a little more reliable than a campfire. Perfect to whip up a hearty outdoor meal.



6.  Pendleton Twin Camp Blanket

Speaking of campfires, who wouldn’t love unrolling this warm and wooly blanket? Huddle up under the stars and enjoy.



7.  Emergency Sleeping Bag

If your adventurer is known for getting into tight spots, make sure they have this survival sleeping bag. It even comes with a whistle.



8.  Paracord Survival Grenade

This little thing packs a punch. It has everything an explorer might need in a survival situation, from making a fire to catching food. Hey, you never know what could happen.



9.  Foldable Cookware Mess Kit

This compact camping cook set will make “roughing it” a heck of a lot easier (and tastier).



10.  James – The County Knife

A useful single-blade knife, with a simple but sophisticated design. Perfect for that friend who usually tags their Instagram photos with #modernoutdoors.



11.  Eno DoubleNest Hammock

We all have that friend who always says, “If only there was a hammock, this would be perfect.”  Now there can be, and it fits two people.



12.  Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio + Charger

Anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors will appreciate this power bank. It can charge a phone, provide light, and even tune into emergency radio broadcasts.



13.  Peak Playing Cards

Whether setting up camp in the woods or sitting at home planning the next big adventure, these playing cards are always welcome. Bonus points for this deck because of its minimalist designs of Colorado mountains.



14.  Life Straw

Water is life (literally). A must-carry tool for any hiker, backpacker, or general adventurer, this little guy filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water in a pinch.

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